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Download the latest version of LabelLite so that you can get started after you register. You will only
need your name and telephone number. Getting your parcel ready for shipment will be easy.

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Please note: Updating LabelLite version 4.0.x will disable the current import definitions. You will need to create these again in LabelLite 4.7. Before you install LabelLite, you are advised to close all active applications (including LabelLite). If you use LabelLite in a network environment, ensure no users are running LabelLite during the installation.

Remote support

With TeamViewer (freeware), our service desk employees remotely takes over your computer. This is a fast and secure way to handle your requests. A connection can only be established when you yourself give permission on your PC. Without this permission a user can never gain access to your PC. You can follow exactly what is happening and you can terminate the session at any time. When a connection gets terminated a new session can only start with your re-permission. We kindly ask you to contact our service desk if you want to use TeamViewer.

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